My Poem a Day Project: Catching Up

My poem a day project has been going well. Each day I find just a few moments to settle myself. Breathe a few deep breaths. And let whatever comes to mind come to mind. On January 10th it was this: I remembered what my life was once like; when I played teeny tiny and tentatively … Continue reading My Poem a Day Project: Catching Up


Hannele and the Hummingbird

Today I am trying something different. I have done a video for this week's post! In it, I explain the title of these week's post (and horribly mispronounce Hannele's name, I'm sure.)  I also admit to being a little jeals of Liz Gilbert's mad success as a writer. I even read one of my poems! … Continue reading Hannele and the Hummingbird

Fearless Seekers: Are You With Me?

I have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what my purpose is, what my “gift” to the world could possibly be. Is it to teach mindfulness?  Or to teach writing?  Is it to help others learn resilience? Or to discover and follow their dreams?  Should I package it all together and lead retreats? … Continue reading Fearless Seekers: Are You With Me?

Learned Fearlessness

If you've ever taken a psychology class you've probably heard about Martin Seligman's theory of learned helplessness. Essentially, the idea is that over time, if one experiences painful events that are out of one's control, eventually one stops even trying to avoid the incident. Characteristics of learned helplessness include decreased motivation and negative emotions like sadness … Continue reading Learned Fearlessness

This Time Last Year or An Appreciation of Progress

I just got back from my second barre class. You're supposed to feel like this: But I feel like this: Yes, that is a sloth climbing a tree. Seriously guys, within 5 minutes I am dripping sweat and within 20 I am nauseous and looking at the clock to see how much longer I have until the … Continue reading This Time Last Year or An Appreciation of Progress

Who Do I Write For? Or thoughts on picking a “niche”.

There's this idea out there - in Freelance Writer Land - that you are better off having a "niche" or a "speciality" if you are to be successful as a freelancer. While I, admittedly,  struggle with this idea, I do believe it is vital to have that clarity and understanding. Now, we all know (you … Continue reading Who Do I Write For? Or thoughts on picking a “niche”.