I’m officially a Badass!

Hey Peeps! Wanted to share a bit of AWESOMNESS with you this afternoon - I am honored to be on the cover of April's BADASSERY MAGAZINE!  Big Props to dear friend and photographer, Michelle Riddle, for the cover-worthy shot. And to the team at Badassery for printing my poem, Pussy Has 9 Lives! #yourock Woot … Continue reading I’m officially a Badass!


Post Angry Post: What I Am Up To

A few nights ago I was at a dear friend's house for a vision board party. (if you don't know what the heck that is, you can read about the one I hosted for our 2016 visions here.)  Over the course of the evening,  my friend asked what I was up to these days. You … Continue reading Post Angry Post: What I Am Up To

Who Do I Want to Be?

Who do I want to be amidst chaos uncertainty times of stress?   Who do I want to be amid monarchs ruby-throated hummingbirds fields of wildflowers?   Who do I want to be as I stand on the shifting sand at the shore cold, frothy waters churning before me?   I want to be the same … Continue reading Who Do I Want to Be?

New York, Circa 1997

New York, circa 1997   The photo is of you and me,  bundled against the elements, saltwater  spraying us as we bounce across the harbor on a ferry smaller than we had expected.   We smile at the camera you are holding out  in front of us, your other hand  around my shoulder,  steadying me.   … Continue reading New York, Circa 1997