Welcome to 150 days of fearless writing

I hate to start a blog post with the ubiquitous, "Oh gosh, it's been so long since my last post..." So I won't. 😉 The good news is I have been writing regularly and most of you know all about it. I've been writing a poem a day since January 1. That means as of yesterday I … Continue reading Welcome to 150 days of fearless writing


Day 36: part 6 of a poem serialized over 9 days

Each day I have had more views. Thank you.  Each day I feel both more vulnerable and lighter. It's a strange mixture.  Here is Day 6.  Please comment or share (both are easy to do, see below).  With Resilience, 

Day 34: part 4 of a serialized poem over 9 days 

Are you tired of these yet?  Every time I post one my pulse quickens and I feel nauseous. I'm worried about what people will think and feel about this.  And yet, the personal IS political and being honest and vulnerable is a sign of strength, in my eyes.  Here's Day 34:  Defiantly, 

Day 32: Pussy Has 9 Lives; a serialised poem over 9 days

Thank you for your positive comments following day 1's post.  I've never been so nervous sharing anything I've written (once I started sharing, that is) but I believe this piece will resonate with too many of us.  Here is the second installment:  Day 32's Poem of the Day  In Truth, 

Hannele and the Hummingbird

Today I am trying something different. I have done a video for this week's post! In it, I explain the title of these week's post (and horribly mispronounce Hannele's name, I'm sure.)  I also admit to being a little jeals of Liz Gilbert's mad success as a writer. I even read one of my poems! … Continue reading Hannele and the Hummingbird