Very Vanilla: Recap of Reading at The Muse

Dear Reader, If you weren't there you missed out! What a great night! Not just because I was there reading my work, but because there were 19 other phenomenal poets there too! Last Saturday was a magical night for me. I felt really good beforehand - a little nervous, yes, but mostly confident. I was … Continue reading Very Vanilla: Recap of Reading at The Muse


That Was Fun

With a capital "F"! I really enjoy reading my poetry to an audience. I knew this last year, when I did the reading (my first) at the PGR pub party. This year I was hardly nervous, just excited. I wanted to read more! Everyone only read the piece that was published this time - last … Continue reading That Was Fun

Reading Outloud in Front of a Crowd

Yes it is true! Tonight I will be reading my poetry outloud in front of a room full of strangers - with a few friends and family members thrown in for good measure. Gulp. Actually, I am not nervous...yet. I loved reading last year and am very much looking forward to reading again this year. … Continue reading Reading Outloud in Front of a Crowd

Save the Date!

Hello, Hello, Hello! Save the date - Saturday, May 29th. Porter Gulch Review party and poetry reading! More details to come, but it is at the Cabrillo College Horticulture Center. Beautiful place, beautiful view, fun night. Last year there were artists displaying their work and many talented poets reading. As I have a poem in this year's edition I … Continue reading Save the Date!

Back From the Dead, or Darn, Spring Break Was Fun!

Hello, Dear Reader, Both of those titles would be appropriate, as it turns out. Spring Break was a blast, even though this time last week I was writhing around in my sweaty pj's feeling horrible and willing myself not to vomit...again. Yuk.Luckily, the worst part of the flu or exorcism or whatever it was only lasted … Continue reading Back From the Dead, or Darn, Spring Break Was Fun!

Let’s Talk About (Suc)Cess, Baby!

Success...What is it, how do you achieve it, when do you know you have it? It's so much easier to know when you don't.Story time, Dear Reader, so settle in. About this time last year I submitted some work to a local literary magazine, The Porter Gulch Review . I was surprised to find out one … Continue reading Let’s Talk About (Suc)Cess, Baby!