Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 36: New York circa 1997

9/11 Of course, I remember where I was and what I was doing on this morning 16 years ago. I had left home on my way to work. I was driving up our long driveway and had just turned on NPR, like I did every morning as I began my hour-long commute to work. By the time … Continue reading Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 36: New York circa 1997


New York, Circa 1997

New York, circa 1997   The photo is of you and me,  bundled against the elements, saltwater  spraying us as we bounce across the harbor on a ferry smaller than we had expected.   We smile at the camera you are holding out  in front of us, your other hand  around my shoulder,  steadying me.   … Continue reading New York, Circa 1997

I Love NY!

Who doesn't though, right? We had a great time - albeit too short - for my sweetie's first visit to the Big Apple. We walked and walked and walked and ate and hit some great sites - the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Museum, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, a Broadway show, Times Square...and still … Continue reading I Love NY!