Daily Blog Challenge: Day 20 – The Best Gift I Ever Received

This one is easy - I got the best gift ever just a few weeks ago. It was a late Christmas gift. Do you want to see it? Here it is: Pretty spectacular, isn't it? The lovely shade of...brown? The slightly discolored cuffs? The missing button? I'm sure you would understand if you could smell it's … Continue reading Daily Blog Challenge: Day 20 – The Best Gift I Ever Received


Hello, 2018!

New Year's Greetings to you, my friends! I hope the first three days of 2018 have been good to you. I've been busy purging, researching, and getting caught up on stacks of reading material. It feels good to finally be coming out of the funk I have been in for many weeks. Even though I had … Continue reading Hello, 2018!


Thank God, the Goddess, Santa and whomever else for friends I say! Hip Hip Hooray! If it wasn't for friends and family and the lure of Hector's All Meat pizza + liberally poured alcohol my tree would still be bare, dripping wet, and leaning against the wall of the garage. Instead she shines like a … Continue reading Cheerio!

Hello Stranger

Dear Reader, Please accept my apologies for being such a blog-slacker! Has it really been two weeks since I posted last? In my humble defense I present the following facts: Mom was moved into a skilled nursing facility (sad, good, different, jolting)It was Christmas Eve (crab, french bread, salad, 1.25 bottles of champagne per imbiber, … Continue reading Hello Stranger