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I am Jessica and I am the voice behind vinegar and vanilla.

I began vinegar and vanilla on my birthday in 2009.  In my first post I wrote:

My goal for this year is to own all parts of me equally, and give them all their due. This means the wife, mother, friend parts and ALSO the writer me who has been trying to get out and stay out for so long. Even though I let her out from time to time like a charming party trick, this year I would like her to make her official debut to polite (notice that, dear reader,p-o-l-i-t-e) society. She is a little scared, so please, be gentle.

In the nearly six years since I wrote that first post I have let the wife part of me go and the writer part has taken up more of my being and soul and identity.

She is much less concerned with “polite” society.

And she isn’t nearly as scared as she once was.

I started vinegar and vanilla because I love to write and have been known to over-share, so why not do it publicly? I jest. A little.

I wanted a place to share both the sweet (vanilla) and sour (vinegar) parts of my life. At the time I began the blog I was a mom to a 4 year old and an 8 year old and my 60 year-old mother was about 9 months away from dying from severe early onset dementia.

It was a time of vinegar and vanilla.

Over the years the blog has been a venue for me to share some of my deepest thoughts, stories about my family – and thus, me – as well as things that inspire me.

I have added  Instagram and twitter accounts (though to be honest, I post infrequently.)

It remains my desire to share both the sour and the sweet from my life. But my intent for the blog has grown.

I want to connect with readers from around the world –  each of us in different stages and seasons in life – and remind us all of the common thread of humanity. How we each begin again with each year, month, day, moment, breath.

How we each have choices  all.  day.  long.

And we can make those choices from a place of fear, or a place of love.

I choose love over fear. I choose to be brave. I choose to say Yes! 

I want to encourage you to do the same.

Because really, all we ever have is this moment. this breath. this life.


rhymes with Yes!
rhymes with Yes!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Just discovered your blog and appreciate your dedication to writing and sharing the ups and downs of life. I’ve been thinking about starting a personal blog outside of my professional website (I work for myself as a copywriter) but keep putting it off because I feel like I’m always too busy. (Really I just don’t prioritize writing for myself versus for my clients.) Thank you for the much-needed motivation and inspiration!


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