About Jessica



I am Jessica and I am the voice behind vinegar and vanilla.

I began vinegar and vanilla on my birthday in 2009.  In my first post I wrote:

My goal for this year is to own all parts of me equally, and give them all their due. This means the wife, mother, friend parts and ALSO the writer me who has been trying to get out and stay out for so long. Even though I let her out from time to time like a charming party trick, this year I would like her to make her official debut to polite (notice that, dear reader,p-o-l-i-t-e) society. She is a little scared, so please, be gentle.

In the nearly eight years since I wrote that first post,  I let the wife part of me go and the writer part has taken up more of my being and soul and identity.

I am is much less concerned with “polite” society and not scared (much) anymore.

I started vinegar and vanilla because I love to write and have been known to over-share, so why not do it publicly? I jest.

A little.

I wanted a place to share both the sweet (vanilla) and sour (vinegar) parts of my life. At the time I began the blog my 60-year-old mother was about 9 months away from dying from severe early onset dementia. 

It was a time of vinegar and vanilla.

My children were just four and eight. Now? As tall as me and 12 and 16.

Over the years the blog has been a venue for me to share some of my deepest thoughts, stories about my family – and thus, me – as well as things that inspire me. It has been a place for me to build my muscles as a writer and share my journey as a woman finding her voice.

Since the beginning, I have added  Instagram and Facebook accounts and launched a professional website: www.JessicaJanisJohnson.com.

While it remains my desire to share both the sour and the sweet from my life my intent for the blog has grown. I love to connect with readers from around the world –  each of us in different stages and seasons in life – and remind us all of the common thread of humanity.

How alike we are, how we are not alone in our experiences as women, mothers, daughters, lovers, friends, and – most importantly – humans on a very short ride around the sun.

Welcome, I am happy you are here.