Read When You Need a Pep Talk

Or: When You Write About What You Want to Say to Someone Else and It Ends Up Being What You Need to Hear.

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I’m a little grumpy today, so I decided to vent a bit in my journal.  I was writing about people in my life who are frustrating me just a tad and how I want to be able to support them but maybe not all their decisions.

That can be a fine line. The one between I love and support you and I am so frustrated by the choices you make I want to pull my hair out! 

Normally I just say to myself, Not my circus, not my monkeys. Not my circus, not my monkeys. Not my circus, not my monkeys. 



This is NOT my circus. 


You get the picture.

However, I want to be able to say something, well, nicer. 

Something like:

Look, if you want to live this way, that’s fine. I still love you, but I can’t talk about it any more. I don’t want to give it life – but not just ignore it. I want to deprive it of air.

I’m here for you but not this conversation. It hurts my heart to see you put up with this treatment and how you justify it.

You know I have been there – an unhealthy place where I could not breathe.  Once I left the weight was lifted from my chest and there was nothing but clear, fresh air to breathe in deeply.

While leaving wasn’t easy and hasn’t necessarily led me to Nirvana or material wealth I am rich in love and courage and appreciation and possibility and I wish that for you. 

Breathe deeply my love – the sun will always rise again and fresh air will fill you with hope and with hope you can get started, and once you get started the road will rise to meet you and my hand will fit just right in yours.


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Turns out I just needed a little reminder of all I have to be grateful for, and I feel a little bit kinder and more compassionate in general.

Breathing deeply,




4 thoughts on “Read When You Need a Pep Talk

  1. yajja2015 says:

    Sounds like you found your answer within you, and your compassion shines through. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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