Time Flies When You’re Dreaming of France

Wow! Nearly a  month since I’ve posted here…February flew by and now March is nearly over. #whathappened?

I guess that means I’ve been having fun, right? #sotheysay

What I’ve Been Up To

I suppose I have been – I’ve been playing around with my other blog, Dreams In French, and have been working on getting my online shop, La Boutique Frenchic, set up.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 9.01.32 PM

I’ve been working on my “flat lays” to display my French fashion finds:

And I’ve been updating both my vinegar and vanilla and dreams in french instagram feeds regularly.

So, in case you missed me…that’s where I have been…living la vie Francaise, at least in my mind! Perhaps you will join me and check it out! 😉