Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 84: Ghost of Halloweens Past

I’m still under the weather, so forgive me for the lazy post…

Since it is Halloween night and we have had hardly any trick-or-treaters here, I am sharing some of my most recent costumes:

This one is from my first Halloween after moving out:


I called her SuperSlut. #impeccabletaste


This was one year on my way to school – I had a tutu on. Any excuse to wear a tutu! #bigkid




This one was fun and creepy. And last minute. Not sure why I scared the kids, I smiled when I gave them candy!



I often grab a half-price wig from the drug store the afternoon of Halloween, just so I have something to answer the door in. This year I was #contagious.




Last year I ended up home alone – the kids were with friends and sweetie was working. I was bored and didn’t really dress up, but did play with snapchat filters.



Today I re-purposed my Little Red Riding Hood cape and a – you guessed it – half-price mask. I left out the dripping blood, I thought it might be too much considering I have the sliced neck choker. #overkill




And special for you, since you made it this far, me in 8th grade…circa 1983.







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