Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 78: More shopping, more eating, more drinking. 

I’m just about maxed out. 

When I get home I will need to detox with green smoothies, fresh air, and exercise, that’s for sure! 

I can not imagine how people work in the casinos. All that noise and artificial light – not to mention the smoke. 

We stumbled upon a little oasis today, this shrine is hidden in front Caesar’s. 

Who knew? 

Our sound oasis was Dick’s Sporting Goods. We went up to the second floor to check out their tiny tennis corner and it was soooo quiet! 

Even Sweetie commented on the lack of noise – which is something coming from a guy who has the tv on most of the time. 

We have one more night here in Sin City. We decided to go to another show, Absinthe. I think it’s along the lines of Zumanity…the reviews say it’s raunchy and politically incorrect, so needless to say….we are looking forward to it! 

Cheers! 🥂