Fearless Writing Challenge; day 77: Vegas Days 2&3 

Last night we went to a show – Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. 

Highly recommend! 

We had a blast – who wouldn’t with gorgeous nearly nude dancers, contortionists, aerial artists swinging overhead, and naughty humor? #justourspeed

We had a late dinner and caught a Lyft back ‘cause my feet were hurting after all the walking we did earlier – did you know there are SEVEN Louis Vuitton shops on the strip? #5down2togo

We also hit Chanel. 

We have had such great experiences with the sales people at Louis and Chanel. Like I said to Sweetie of all the fancy shops, they are the nicest. Even when we are in flip flops and shorts they make us feel welcome. 

We slept in until noon today, and then walked around and got a coffee and a prime spot at an outdoor table to enjoy a coffee and a snack, until some lady dropped to her knees on the sidewalk in front of us. 

And barfed. 

Luckily, I knew what was coming and didn’t see it. 

And everyone was super helpful, getting her water and napkins. She was ill, not drunk, I hope she is ok. 

So we went into Paris and I earned back the $68 I had spent on the slots, so I cashed out and called it even. 

Then an amazing dinner at Giada’s. 

We had the tasting menu which included apps, a pasta course, and a main course, plus three items from the dessert cart, but all I got a shot of was the complimentary polenta cake they gave us. 

We left stuffed and satisfied. 

Oh! They have a photo booth too! 

Happy Anniversary to us!