Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 47: Ode to a Sunday Evening


Work, school, kids, partner, mother, sister, driver, exercise

cooking, cleaning, washing, drying, folding

putting away, picking up, feeding, tucking in

hurry and take a deep breath.



let’s go, hurry, hurry, rapido, vite, tout suite

don’t stop, pick up the pace, can you?

Will you?

Shouldn’t you?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I can, I will, I’ll try, I promise

I should, shouldn’t I?


No. Really. No, you can’t.

You shouldn’t. You ought not to.

It’s okay to say no. To stop. To rest.


Sleep now. Close your eyes.

Stop whirling, dervish.

Stop spinning – you are

not the world, the sun,

the only one.


Breathe. Deeply. Slowly.

See the sunrise, the moonrise,

the tide change.

Be the sand

slowly shifting

grain by grain.








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