Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 43: When Looking Backwards Helps You Move Forward

I spent the day working on a presentation for a job interview I have tomorrow. Part of the process had me looking back over my wide-ranging experience and I ended up re-living the time I wrote a book in six weeks and self-published. #truestory

It was actually a really cool exercise because once my sales faded and I lost steam on writing the second book I didn’t take the time to celebrate my success.


But as I wrote about it I realized it really was pretty cool that I:

  • read a magazine article about an author and challenged myself to write a book in 2 months.
  • taught myself about self-publishing – from software programs to the ins and outs and pros and cons of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) as well as publishing to other outlets like Nook and iBooks.
  • learned about, and hired, a cover designer.
  • studied indie author websites, forums, and groups for tips and hints.
  • published and promoted my book which, for a brief moment, was
    • #13 on Amazon Hot New Releases/Legal Thriller list
    • #48 on the Amazon Top 100 Free list. 
  • got 11 5-star reviews on Amazon
  • had a publisher ask for the sequel

I also made postcards, converted it to paperback, and had it in a couple local bookstores!

Looking back on all that I did – by myself – I feel pretty impressed.

Then I read through my “positivity” folder where I save all the nice things my readers, clients, and friends say about me.

You gotta keep those for when times get rough or you’re feeling a little down. #protip

And I even took a few minutes to look through my personality test results to remind myself that there must be a smidgen of truth and accuracy to them since they all pretty much say the same thing – I’m creative, an excellent communicator, a team player, flexible, and inspired by learning. #andgoshdarnitpeoplelikeme

I think feeling impressed by yo’self is a good way to head into an interview, don’t you?