Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 31: 48 Hours of Blog Lovin’


My writer self has had a fantastic 48 hours. #feelingthelove

It started on the 4th with an email from a family friend who sent me a lovely email telling me, “You are such an amazing and talented writer. You dive in with so much grace and veracity in sharing your personal experiences. I’ve always admired your work, and thank you for sharing your work and life.”

I just loved her email, and not just because she was so complimentary. #noreally

I think the best feedback I can receive is the idea that I have managed to communicate something that resonates with someone else. That I have been able to share a feeling, a story, a worry, a joy with someone else.

That my story and your story are long-lost friends.


On the heels of the lovely email I got, I ran into an acquaintance who told me she had been reading my blog and was really enjoying it. It’s always nice for me to hear from someone I am not related to – or have known for 20 years – who appreciates my writing. I didn’t know she was reading and I don’t know how she discovered the blog (maybe because I share everywhere I can?)

Even though I have had this blog for over 7 years I don’t have as many followers as new bloggers do. #crymeariver

Is that totally petty? Maybe, but there you have it. I think anyone who writes and shares their work publicly, even if they say they don’t think anyone will read it, wants to be read and complimented. I know I do. #thereIsaidit

I mean, we as writers and other creatives and artists do what we do usually because we are drawn to it. We can’t NOT do it, and so there is an element of I do this thing because I simply must, just as I must breathe. 

Which is not to say we don’t want anyone to read or see or be touched by it. Of course we do. The creator wants connection as much as the viewer, the reader, the observer.

We want you to feel something, anything! We want you to respond, to share, to react. 

Ideally, it will be positive, ’cause you know, I’m sensitive.

I often quote Erykah Badu and tell folks:



Alright, so now to today – when a complete stranger – although I think she really isn’t, since we seem to have a lot of the same sentiments/fears/hang ups, iPhone apps and we both have Vespas, so we must be soul-sisters on some level – so at least someone who I have never met, stumbled across my blog – this blog – and loved it enough to share it with her readers.

And she had this to say:

This morning I discovered a blog and I like it so much I want to share it with you. Jessica is an amazing writer/poet who is funny and witty and entertaining.

Woot woot!


Honestly, I was super flattered and honored that she shared my blog (and gave me a boost in blog visits). That was really cool.

Cooler still is that I have since read about half of her blog posts (so far, not done) and I really love her writing too. Her name is Loretta and her blog is Countdown to 60   and I think you should check it out!

Finally, to top off this most excellent 48 hours of blog love, I was at the high school for back to school night and one of the English teachers I used to teach with asked me if I wanted to come back (they have a vacancy). I laughed. #heartily

But she said that I had been a creative teacher and she valued that about me.

And as I walked by another classroom I ran into a family member who never comments here on the blog #shewillremainnameless and she told me she has really been loving the blog lately and she reads it even if she doesn’t comment.

Seriously, an embarrassment of riches.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. To those of you I mentioned above as well as those of you who have known and supported me since before I shared my work publicly and those of you who read but never comment or share, I know who you are and I am thankful for your psychic support too.

And to Loretta and Hunida (who I will introduce you to soon, in another blog post) who are my new blogger buddies – I bow to you and your impressive blogs!


I would really love to learn about your favorite blogs – who do you follow? Please share your “I never miss a post” blogger in the comments below so I can check them out.


Cheers to writers and those who read them!



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