Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 9 or A Break While I Catch My Breath


This post is inspired by Derek Sivers and the now page movement. I decided to write this post today because I’ve had a super-full day and I needed to write something easy and light.

Hi, I’m Jessica Johnson. I live in Aptos, California and I’m focused on:

  • Writing a poem a day and posting it on my Instagram.
  • Writing a blog post every day, here, on vinegar and vanilla as part of my #fearlesswritingchallenge.
  • Having fun playing tennis with my sweetie. “Play” being the key part of the word. We laugh a lot which is good. And it feels good to sweat over something that is not a #hotflash!
  • Pitching to – and writing for – new outlets. Including my hometown paper, the Santa Cruz Sentinelwho turned me down for a reporter job but have used me as a freelancer, which is cool.
  • Spending as much time as I can with my good friend Dee, who is experiencing extreme healing of metastasized triple negative breast cancer.

I created this list to help me stay focused and to give readers a sense of what I’m working on right now. If my projects and activities change, I’ll update this page.

With gratitude,