Day 34: part 4 of a serialized poem over 9 days 

Are you tired of these yet? 

Every time I post one my pulse quickens and I feel nauseous. I’m worried about what people will think and feel about this. 

And yet, the personal IS political and being honest and vulnerable is a sign of strength, in my eyes. 

Here’s Day 34: 



2 thoughts on “Day 34: part 4 of a serialized poem over 9 days 

  1. elissakline says:

    Not tired at all.

    In fact, aside from the hurt I feel for you and with you each time you died, I love the serialization… and the whole idea behind dying each time we were abused or humiliated… I, too, have died many times, and you have inspired me to look at those times in my life.

    Please keep going.



  2. Dee & Kev says:

    I’ve actually gotten chills every time I’ve read these…Women can all relate to these little deaths, in our own ways, at least I know I do. (Though oddly the French also call orgasms “little deaths’…not relevant here but this is how my beautiful mind works. Also brings up how wrong men are to use the term pussy as a synonym of weakness- dicks are way more fragile, and pussies can take a lot of pounding and still produce life!)

    I am in awe of your gorgeous vulnerability, which is of course the brightest show of strength there could ever be.

    I can’t wait for more, you’ve got me hooked. Yes, keep going. We’re here, with you and for you!

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