Poem a Day: Day 31 ~ And Now For Something Completely Different

I am happy to report I have kept up with my poem a day project. [While I am not up to date here, on the blog, you can catch up on my Instagram page.]

Each day I sit down and get still and let whatever comes to me find it’s way to paper. My daily poems are primarily raw, mostly unedited works.

Today’s poem is decidedly different.


In fact, even how I will share this poem is different. I plan to share a portion of the poem each day for the next eight days. On the 9th day, I will share the poem in its entirety. This will make sense as you read it. #Ihope

The idea for this poem came to me late last night, as I was trying to fall asleep. Who knows what seeded this, where the idea came from, but come it did. I had to take a note of a couple of ideas, jot them down, lest I wake in the morning and the idea had slipped away in the night. The rest came to be this morning and I have edited it here and there throughout the day.

I feel like I should warn you about this poem. It’s extremely personal. I feel very vulnerable in a way I don’t normally. (I kinda pride myself on being open…) There is also a chance that in its entirety it may shock some of you. #consideryourselfwarned

Day 31.




I welcome your feedback and encourage you to share as you see fit.