My Poem a Day Project : Days 4-6

In my last post I mentioned I was writing a poem a day and shared with you the first three days. 

Here are days 4-6. Once we get up to speed I will share the poem here, on the blog, each day.

My purpose for doing this is to stoke the fires of creativity. I have been so focused on hustling to get my writing business going that my creative work (writing fiction and poetry) has fallen to the wayside. 

Considering that is my true raison d’être, I can’t let that muscle atrophy. 

And so, each day, I get still and listen. 

Some days it’s easy to hear the muse, the words, the spirit. 

Other days I wait a little longer. Have to strain to hear the whispers. I may misunderstand what is said. 

But I try my best. 

I keep them short on purpose. I want them to fit in this small frame – it takes the pressure off. 

I hope you enjoy them. Some of them. One of them. 

If you do, please let me know. Comment, share them, use them as a starting point for your own creative workout.