Who Do I Want to Be?


Who do I want to be

amidst chaos


times of stress?


Who do I want to be

amid monarchs

ruby-throated hummingbirds

fields of wildflowers?


Who do I want to be

as I stand on the shifting sand at the shore

cold, frothy waters churning before me?


I want to be the same person then as I am

when I sit beside the lake early enough

to watch the dragonflies


as I sip my steaming mug of coffee

and wonder if the simplest answer is


the best answer all the time.


I want to be loveable and loving

connected to others

strong-willed but not mean or rude

open hearted


at ease.


I want to be rich in riches that cannot be measured

like joy

and love

and creativity.


I want to share my light like the Supermoon

inspire and comfort others like Mother Nature.


I want to find stillness

and purpose

and delight

in every day.


I want to love you exactly the way you want to be loved.


~ 11.16.16 jessicajanisjohnson