100 Miles From Here: A Sunday in the East Bay

I’ve had an intense couple of weeks. And they are not letting up.

First off, I injured my back (remember kids, always lift with your legs!) and that has rendered me practically immobile for the last 2 weeks.

I am not a good immobile person.

Not being able to move without pain makes me grumpy. I love to sit for hours and read, it’s true, but I also like to go for a walk, or a run, or do yoga. After these last couple of weeks I even wish I could vacuum, scrub toilets, or change the cat box without pain.

I did manage to – very gingerly – spend a day with the family. On Easter we went to the Chabot Space and Science Center in the Oakland hills.

We watched a cool film in the planetarium about being an astronaut.


And the exhibit they have following the film is really good too.  We determined that most of us were too big to be astronauts after looking at the size of their gear and the tight quarters in the pods. #claustrophobic

Afterwards we got to check out some experiments with dry ice and bubbles which were hands on and really fun. Check out that kid’s face! #amazeballs



The Center has a cool little restaurant that I would have really appreciated when my kids were little – yummy, healthy food with cute names like Bug Bites and Crocamole  and shapes like butterflies and flowers. The grilled cheese looked and smelled really good, but we only had a small snack of Annie’s fruit snacks and cookies as we had big plans to get our burger on at Barney’s afterwards.


So once we checked out the exhibits and took a look at the ginormous telescopes we hopped in the car and drive back down the mountain to Piedmont Avenue for our burger, fries and shake fix.

However, it was Easter and Barney’s. Was. Closed. #thehorror!

I quickly yelped “burger” and we walked down a block to Kronnerburger. Sounds promising, right?

Wrong. So wrong.

We walked in, the hostess greeted us promptly and said she would clean up a booth for us. Seemed like a good start. She sat us, brought us menus and water.

Only one burger on the menu. Ok, we can work with that. They have fries and artisanal sodas, no shakes, but black cherry soda makes up for a lot.

And then we sat. And waited. Waitresses walked by, looked at us, kept walking. Family with kids behind us tried to keep their children from screaming and kicking the back of our booth. Watched as the waitress told another table the kitchen had made an error on their order and that is why one lady out of a table of 6 didn’t have her meal.

Watched as one of the moms behind us asked the waitress how much longer it would be since they had been already waiting 30 minutes.

Noticed the table next to us had no food.

We decided to leave. #goodcall

Walked back down a couple of blocks and ended up at Sparky’s where we got shakes, 3 kinds of fries, onion rings, and some big juicy burgers. #allswellthatendswell #imstuffed


All in all it was a good day with the family doing some exploring in the East Bay. We definitely want to go back and do some more exploring.

The East Bay Regional Park District oversees 65 parks in Contra Costa and Alameda counties. There are over 1,200 miles of trails suitable for hiking, bike riding, walking your dogs, picnicking and even horse camping!

Once my back is healed we are definitely planning another trip up – and we will make sure Barney’s is O.P.E.N.!

Comment below if you are familiar with the area and have suggestions on what not to miss!

Happy Trails,



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