On Paris

Hello V&V Followers,

I had intended for this post to be a full installment of Vanilla Cookies this week. However, once I wrote about the first goodie on my list I had to stop.

It needs to stand alone, because, you see, I got a book in the mail that I have been very excited about. The book is called The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs.

I ordered it as soon as I came across it and have really been looking forward to it because we stayed on the Rue des Martyrs when we visited Paris this summer.

I know reading it will make me want to go back and revisit the street we fell in love with.

Coincidentally, I received it last Thursday, November 12, the day before the attacks on Paris. Friday I was getting the oil changed in my car when I noticed the news broadcast interrupt the regular programming to deliver the horrible, shocking news.


I know Paris will regain it’s footing. I know we will return to the City of Light. I know good will prevail in our hearts and thus, the world.

Je sais :: I know

Avec amour et d’espérance :: With love and hope,

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