Day 13 : Define Beautiful

What does the word “beautiful” mean to you? When are you compelled to use the word to describe a person? 

When do I think to myself, “wow, she is beautiful!”?

I have thought that about women who are confident, in a subtle way. I see beauty in a woman who seems comfortable in her skin, a woman who (usually) doesn’t wear a ton of make-up. One who has her own sense of style – knows her strengths and plays to them, is smart about what she draws attention to, and what she doesn’t. I admire women who make bold fashion choices, who own their sense of self. Confidence. Definitely. Natural, not overdone (though I do think there is a time and place for that and if that’s your thing then own it!)

Relaxed. Natural. Healthy. Confident. At peace with themselves. Caring. Open. Joyful. Laughing. 
Here are some images I have come across of women I think are beautiful:

And, for good measure and evidence of possible progress, a time I think I looked beautiful: 
In Beauty,