Let’s Start with Day 10

Day 10: What do you appreciate most about yourself? 

  1. My acceptance – I accept others, very little shocks me – you can tell me anything and I won’t judge you.
  2. My creativity – writing, thinking, working things out. It may not always work, but it will be creative! 
  3. My sense of humor and my ability to laugh at most foibles – sometimes too soon. 
  4. My generosity – I did give a kidney to my sister. 
  5. My optimism – even when things are bleak I end up optimistic.
  6. My curiosity – I am always learning, researching, reading, wondering, thinking.
  7. My ability to appreciate the moment – the clouds, the color of the sky, the hummingbird sitting on the branch, the smell of the sea even miles inland, the little things that often escape us. 
  8. My love for – and appreciation and cultivation of – family that is like friends and friends that are like family. 
  9. My resilience.
  10. My openness. 
Ok, that’s 10! Phew! Let’s try for 5 more: 
   11. My persistence (sometimes….LOL!) 
   12. My naivete – it allows me to email famous authors and sometimes get replies! 
   13. My willingness to try new things. 
…..um, ok, well, that was ambitious!    
I’ll stop with Lucky 13. 

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