Suffering and Acceptance

Suffering and acceptance. Vinegar and vanilla right there, no?

This is what has been on my mind lately. How my life would be so much nicer if my Judging Mind wasn’t along for the ride every day. JM talks non-stop. From the second I wake up to the second I go to sleep…some nights it feels like he just keeps on talking while I sleep too. (hmmm…I typed “he” – I am not sure if Judging Mind is a “he” or a “she”, but it is interesting that that was what I typed. Veddy Veddy interestink.)

In any case, JM likes to pick on me mostly, but certainly has no issue picking on others as well. One of JM’s favorite topics is my body. Followed closely by how I spend my time – is it useful? is this what I should be doing right now? isn’t there something more important I should be doing?

I have decided to fight back against JM. I am going to begin by praising myself. Openly. Publicly. Starting with my body.

I will start this soon, very soon.

I expect these posts to be short and painful, sweet.