Vinegar: Bitter, Bitter Vinegar

Dear Reader

I feel yucky right now. Someone out in the world is discontented and I am the lightening rod for this discontent. Ugh. Blech. Yuck.

Logical Me knows this person is just a mean, horrible, evil person unhappy within themselves – and that this tirade is not all about me. I may play the smallest, teensiest part in it, but really, it’s all about this person’s own feelings of inadequacy.

Illogical Me just feels really bad.

I feel bad that this person is being mean to me. I feel bad that I am letting this person be mean to me. I feel bad that I am carrying this person’s meany bobeeny attitude around with me.

I also feel bad because I was already kind of doubting myself in this area, and now that this pit bull of an unhappy person has decided to bite my ass and hold on I am questioning my right to be in the neighborhood at all, so to speak. There was a time when I felt like I belonged in whatever neighborhood I was in. I didn’t doubt myself so much.

Me no likey.

So, as the aspiring enlightened sentient being that I am, I am trying to just sit with this uncomfortable, sad, feeling so that I can let it pass. Like a tornado black cloud on an otherwise beautiful day.

But it’s really difficult.

I leave you with two thoughts: 1) Remember, you can always be more kind. 2) Mean people suck.