Let’s flip this _____ !

Dear Reader

This idea of “enough” has got me all riled up. I keep thinking about it. What I have enough of and what I don’t have enough of. You know the drill.

So yesterday, as I drove to jury duty and thought of all the things I needed to get done, and what could I get done in there, and how was I going to plan for the substitute and get to the 3 hour meeting I had last night and grab something to eat or maybe a coffee would help my headache since I seem to have a mild case of the flu, and when would I be able to help with my daughter’s science project that is due today and I didn’t manage to get in any yoga or meditation and I need to get cash for the babysitter….I decided to FLIP THIS BITCH. (Forgive my language, but really, this concept of time and the lack thereof is just that for me – a bitch!)

Just flip it up! What if I have been going about this completely the wrong way.

I am sure you are familiar with the idea that we attract what we believe. If everyday I am telling myself there is not enough time for me to get everything done then, theoretically, I am creating that reality. Not only that, but by stressing about a perceived lack of time then I am choosing to live in a state of stress – rather than grace. Right?

So I began to tell myself, there is enough time. There IS enough time. There IS enough time.

When I finally got out of jury duty, half an hour after the meeting had already started, and got on the freeway realizing I was heading in the bad direction for traffic I told myself, “There is enough time, there is enough time” and lo and behold – it kinda worked.


I managed to get to the meeting in one piece – even after stopping at the school to leave some stuff our for my sub (since I’ll be back at jury duty later this morning) and pick up something I needed for the meeting.

There is enough time.

I got home, was able to help with the project [there is enough time] and read a book to the son [there is enough time] before passing into a deep, sound and still sleep [there is enough time].

And this morning, as the time suck swirl began to gain momentum in my head. Stop. Write the post.

There is enough time.



One thought on “Let’s flip this _____ !

  1. Love this! As you know, we are pretty much on the same page…and yesterday, there was enough time. There might be something to this one!

    So glad you stooped by, and I'm looking forward to exploring your blog. Looks like we started around the same time…

    Thanks so much for connecting with me….


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