Vanilla: It Feels Good to be Bursting

Dear Reader,

Sometimes I am too ripe. I am bursting with juice and joy and desire to write…to hear pen scratching on paper, fingers typing on the keyboard…it is such a luxury to be so full.

I recognize this – that right now I am rich with inspiration – and thankful for it. I am grasping it, trying to hold on.

At times like this I need to choose between writing and sleep. Frankly, sleep usually wins out because I have a family and children and a job that requires me to be encouraging, positive and on my toes for the betterment of today’s youth.

But if I could, I would be living the quintessential writer’s life – in my pajamas all day, writing, writing, writing…stopping only to check the mail and take the dog out for a quick constitutional before pouring another cuppa and scribbling some more…



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