How Much Is Enough?

Dear, Dear, Dear Reader,

This question has been haunting me of late…”How much is “enough”?”

I know what I don’t have enough of…sleep and time being the top two. Time is far and away #1 on my list. I don’t have time enough to think, or write, or relax, or meditate, or wonder, or ponder, or dream or read. I barely have enough time to do my work, fullfil my obligations as wife, mother, employee, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, etc.

Don’t misunderstand, I am thankful to be each of those things – honored and proud and grateful.

I just crave more time.

So, as in many things, it is such that I know what I have too little of. Thankfully I can only think of two things. I know there are many, many people out there who could add a whole lot of things to their list – food, money, clothing, to name a few. Yet the question remains: how much of the other stuff is enough?

Forgive me if I ramble, as I am trying to work this out as I go…I know we have enough food. We certainly have enough clothing (I think I could go for a full month without having to wash clothes at all. We may all be commando by the end of the month, but we could survive. I must conduct an experiment!)

So, we have enough food, enough clothing, enough material goods crowding the house and garage – shoes, books (my fault!), TOYS, artwork, technology, sports equipment.

Do we have enough money? Hmmm…that is a tricky one. Perhaps that is THE tricky one. We have more (much more) than others. According to the world bank, France’s average per capita income is $42,620. The US: $46,360. Costa Rica: $6,260. Bhutan (where they are supposed to be the happiest) $2,030. OK, Norway skews our data – they come in at $84,640…with a life expectancy of 81.

What else might we have, or not have, enough of?

What do you have “enough” of? How do you know you have enough of it?

I’m curious to read your answers…

Yours in Wanting,


2 thoughts on “How Much Is Enough?

  1. Hmmm? how much IS enough and what do I have enough of???? wow, and I thought this was going to be your average Monday on FB-just cruz onto the home page, lurk a little and see what my friends are up to, then shut the cover on my FB visit and move on with my day. BUT NO. Now I've been pondering all day, in and out of my so called-productivity, I've been wondering about the excess in my life.

    Well, is there a limit to having too much beauty around you? Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose this is subjective. And since, clearly, according to many friends and family members…I have enough plants and flowers in my life I'd of course like to make a case that you can never have to much beauty (in the form of living, lushes plants) around you.

    I also have too much in the category of unfinshed projects-now THERE is a whole other topic of conversations to start!

    ok….done with my ramble….back to being (subjectively)productive!

    Thanks Jessica!


  2. Nice post!
    Acceptance that our time is limited might bring some relief and clarity for choosing what we want most. The freedom of so much choice can be anxiety-producing, but it can also be a moment of bliss, calm, or neutrality. Jacqueline (night-stand buddha) haha


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