but can i walk the walk?

oh, Dear Reader,

so much to do, so much to do!

the tree and holiday decorations need to come down, be packed away. i have to take an exam tomorrow for work – one of those exams that drain your brain and exhaust you. and require #2 pencils. i have, literally, 2 milk crates stuffed full of papers to review and finals to grade. laundry multiplies like extra-horny rabbits. i have a really, really good library book i want to sink into. my body is craving a really long yoga session. i am not done with my year in review. i am still on “vacation” and would prefer to use this time to continue to relax and not have to spend the day in my frozen, filthy classroom grading finals.

today’s challenge is to find that place of stillness and sit there. even amidst the whirling tornado of “shoulds” and “musts” that are largely, no, entirely, made up, arbitrary.

this is an opportunity to practice what i preach. i can talk the talk, but can i walk the walk?

or –

can i be the be?

sit the sit?