Simple Human Contact Trumps Technology

Dear Reader,

I just love this article in today’s New York Times. It talks about the idea of “kangaroo care” – in this case specifically for premature babies – and how it works so incredibly well. Born of necessity due to hospitals severely lacking in the basics (including water in some. The nurses washed their hands at home, after work. Ugh.) the idea of kangaroo care has proven to be amazingly effective. Place the nearly nude premie on the mom’s bare chest. The human body (especially the mom’s, but others can do the trick too) keeps the baby warm enough and – check this out – a mom’s breasts will adjust their temperature to the baby’s. PLUS, the position helps prevent reflux and apnea and the mom’s heartbeat and breathing help regulate and stabilize the infant’s!

It’s an amazing, inspiring read. Mama says check it out.

Power to the Boobs!



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