If you care to donate to a worthy cause this season…

Here a couple of worthy organizations:

The first one is the hermitage where I go on my annual silent writing retreat. This year’s retreat was so amazing that I haven’t had the time to write about it because I am still processing the experience and following up on the prodigious amount of writing I did while I was there. This is a magical place on the most magical Big Sur coast. The monks there maintain 900 acres of the most incredible landscape in the world (see above photo). They need our help! To find out more about the hermitage click here. For a recent article on the monks in the LA Times click here.

Another wonderful resource that shows up in my email inbox every weekday is The Writer’s Almanac. I love the daily poem, sure, that’s a given, but the information about famous (and not so) authors and poets is really phenomenal. I learn at least two new things every time I read through the almanac. I know they – like most other things of value – really need our support right now. You can donate to their worthy cause by clicking here.

Of course, you can always be my patron…I would be open to that!



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