The simple things

Yesterday I went for a walk with the annoying little dog.

Walking in the moist redwood groves I watched leaves fall to the road, twirling slowly in the cool air. I smelled horses and redwoods and dirt. I saw berries that were confused by the odd weather we’ve had and that, because of the few nights of frost, will never ripen.

I wondered why I don’t take more short walks into the state park that is literally steps from our door. I wondered why I can go months without walking or riding my bike there.

I realized that the dog wasn’t as annoying if she got out into the fresh air for a little sniffing around. She even came face to face with a squirrel and miraculously didn’t freak out – barking manically – like she usually does with most things. She certainly perked up and even stood up on her back two feet as the squirrel ran up a tree, but not a peep!

I also realized I wasn’t as annoying if I got out into the fresh air for a little exercise and fresh air. Pretty sure I barked less too.

Write simply,


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