that’s all?!?

you mean to tell me (or do i mean to tell you?) that on november 7 i had written 10,000 words and now, today, many days later (you do the math, i suck at it) i only have 17,500 words?!?! ah geez.

i coulda been a contendah! i was on my way, i was on pace for success. but no, in the last 2+weeks i have only written another 7500 words. meh.

i do have some handwritten pages i need to get in there, that might kick me up to 20k.

so again, i revise. revise my monthly goal. 25,000 by midnight, november 30 and i will call myself a semi-success. 50,000 by the dawn of 2011 and i’ll consider myself a full success. how’s that?

in addition, i want to submit to the porter gulch review again (deadline, 12/15) and the central coast writers contest (finalist last year – deadline early january?) and i need to have a couple more mom poems finished for my big reading at the celebration of the muse in march. and, you know, practice the weeping, not sobbing thing.

so there are my writing life goals for the rest of the year.

right living goals? another day, another post. teacher goals? another day, another post. thanksgiving day goals? cook a yummy bird. remember my mom’s last holiday with us (last thanksgiving at our house) with honor and love and not too much sadness, if possible.

write on rightly,


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