Over 10,000!

Dear Reader,

I have exciting news! I am over 10,000 words into my novel! In one week! Yahoo!

Technically, however, I am behind. [Insert sad, tired, writer face here.] Apparently if I was on schedule I woulda/shoulda/coulda written 11,669 words by midnight tonight to be on target for the 50,000 by midnight November 30. Whatev. It’s 10:50 (really, 11:50 – damn time change) and this authoress is going to sleep!

I’m still feeling confident. I mean, really, I have a life here. Full-time job (did you know I spend the hours between 7-5 at work most days, + do school work about an hour each night + spend at least a few, if not a lot, of hours on the weekend dedicated to school work?), two loving kids who actually crave/want/need/desire my full attention, a hubby who would like some attention too, a neglected, smelly, needs her nails clipped doggeroo, and a poetry writing group for which i should think deep thoughts and write poems…not to mention things like friends, other family, bills, laundry, groceries, returning library books, and other essentials.

Damn! Just listing all that shizaam I do makes me feel like SuperWoman or something. I am even more proud of my 10,000 words! And things are just getting interesting in the story…Is it wrong to have a crush on my character’s romantic interest? He is kinda hot…

In heat,


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