Did I Really Take June Off???

Hello Dear, Patient Reader,

Are you still there?

Believe it or not, I am. Or some semblance of me is. Maybe just the hard, outer husk, ready to be shed. Or maybe, more optimistically, the sweet, juicy, ripe kernel inside, almost ready to come out.

Not sure which is sitting here at the computer today. Did I mention it is a very cute, 13 inch, compact, portable white MacBook? Yup, sold my meager Starbucks stock and bought a used MacBook on eBay all by myself. I also got a very cool desk and chair and my own Paris inspired bulletin board for which to post inspiring writerly quotes and hopeful stories of writers who published their first books late in life. (the older i get, the shorter that list gets!)

So, now that June is over and it’s a fresh new month full of independence talk and fireworks, hot days and foggy nights (here, where we are), beach days and sand in the bed, I am full of vim and vigor and a desire to get this blog rolling again.

In that spirit ~

Write on,