Reading Outloud in Front of a Crowd

Yes it is true! Tonight I will be reading my poetry outloud in front of a room full of strangers – with a few friends and family members thrown in for good measure. Gulp.

Actually, I am not nervous…yet. I loved reading last year and am very much looking forward to reading again this year. I have not yet determined what three poems I will be reading, but am pretty close. I definately wan to read “Yes” since it is better read outloud and it should be fun to do. “Self-potrait as a hummingbird” has been requested – twice – so I am going to include that one for sure. The third one is the one I am not sure about. It’s a toss up between “New York, circa 1997” and the one that actually appears in the publication. The thing is I read that one last year. I could probably read all four in the three minutes I have, since my work is so concise. 😉

alright, now that I’m about three hours away from kickoff and am writing and thinking about it the butterflies are waking…Wish me luck!

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