Happy Things: Birdhouses and Workspaces

Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome to a new column/post topic: Happy Things.

Since I have completed the Artist’s Way and am transitioning the blog to be more about the successes and struggles of the writing life I am planning to feature some recurring topics. Some I came up with all by my clever lil’ self and others are unabashedly cribbed from some of the other blogs I frequent and/or enjoy. (I will give proper credit where due, BTW.)

In any event, and since the oven timer is going off downstairs, Happy Things is making it’s debut tonight. The things that make me happy today are birdhouses and workspaces. I got a new workspace!!! It’s mine! All mine! I will take photos and post them later. I have some fun birdhouse pictures too.

But now I must run, lest I let dinner burn!

Eat, I mean WRITE on!