Things That Make Me Think I Am Not Really a Writer

Dear Reader,

Momma said there would be days like this. In fact, my mom said all the days would be like this. She was a harsh realist.

Sometimes I like to read about other writers to get inspired. I especially like to hear about folks who began writing or were first published later in life. This is so I feel like I still have time.

A Facebook Friend posted this quote from George Eliot – “It is never to late to be who you might have been.” (or words to that effect.) It has been recieved with great adoration. This must mean we all wish we were someone else, doing something else, to a certain extent.

Is this a horrible lie we prepetuate to future generations? That you will be something great and unique and you will find great personal and professional satisfaction if you work hard and have a few lucky breaks? Maybe my mom was right, it is better to tell your kids life is difficult more often than not and is a lot of hard work.

Well, I am digressing. The point of this post was to list the things that make me think, sometimes, that I am not a “real” writer. Things like the fact that I can go days without writing and hardly miss it. I always hear writers say “oh I simply MUST write, or I can hardly breathe…” or some such thing. But what about us who have a million other things we “simply MUST” do in our day – like take care of children, clean house, do laundry, grocery shop, cook, feed, clean up, wash, read to, tuck in, pay bills, let the dog out, rinse out the wetsuits, look for a job in case the pink slip isn’t recinded this year, be a friend, be a sister, be a daughter, a wife, a mother, and oh yeah, if there is time left be an individual who is fit, relaxed, well-read, interesting and a WRITER too!

I am mad at whoever sold me this bill of goods, but I am madder still at myself for buying it. And not being able to unload it.

Write on if you must. And you simply must.


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