Things I’ve Learned

Hello Dear Reader,

One of this (two) week’s tasks has been to go back through my Morning Pages and read them. (Yawn…) I’ve been instructed (by the book, not the voices in my head or transmissions from outer space) to take two different colored highlighters and highlight a) any insights and b) any action items.

I began this porcess last night and promptly developed a massive migraine which I am still suffering from as I type. Blech. Perhaps it was the neon green and yellow of the highlighter oddly illuminated by the fire reflecting off my glass of sparkling water and chardonnay. Regardless, the task gave me a headache.  I need a brainema.

All was not lost, however. I have learned a few things that I will now share with you:

~ I simply MUST write first thing in the morning, or else I run the risk of not writing at all or wasting a page lamenting the fact that – just like exercise – if I don’t get it done first thing, it doesn’t get done.

~ I am quite unhappy with my current work situation. I am not 100% sure why. I have my suspicions.

~ I should always shut up long enough to hear what my gut is telling me – and then do that, not the opposite.

~ I strongly desire my own writer’s table.

~ Good advice: “You just have to keep trying. Eventually you will find someone who likes your stuff.”

~ “Comparison is lethal to contentment.” I don’t know who said that, but they are a freakin’ genius!

That’s all I can muster at this time, Friend. Don’t worry, I have more to share. Be patient!

Write on,


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