Hello Dear Reader,

I wanted to write just a quick update to let you know I am doing well. I am writing. I am having vivid dreams. I am feeling optimistic. I am enjoying this week (Recovering a Sense of Possibility) in the Artist’s Way so much that I made it a two-weeker. Not because I was dragging my ass, but because it is a rich subject and I wanted to spend a lot of time on it. I am really into the weekly tasks and getting a lot out of them. I may share some of the exercises with you later.

The other really cool thing that has happened is that I have made some really positive (re) connections with some of my creative friends. Now, if you are a friend of mine (and really, if you are reading this you are either friend or family, quite frankly) I do NOT want you to take this the wrong way. I recognize and appreciate the fact that all of you are creative in your own ways. Many of you are artists – both publicly and privately. What I mean is that I have – thanks, in part, to this blog – had conversations with folks that maybe I wouldn’t have had before. Maybe because we didn’t realize the other was interested in writing too, or to the same degree, or had the same struggles.

What has come out of this is that I am getting more comfortable talking about my writing (which gets me more excited about it), more comfortable calling myself a writer (which is a goal of mine) and also gathering a support group of other folks who are interested in writing or creating in some way and are willing to join forces with the goal of helping each of us stay focused, stay positive and get some good shit out there.

Write on,


3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. You are the first person I think of when I think of any writers I know. But, I know what you mean – I run as slow as a snail, but have two marathons and many many half marathons under my belt. I still don't think I am a runner. I can play the piano and play things by ear, yet, for some reason I don't think of myself as a pianist. Give yourself the credit you deserve.


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