Keep on Truckin’

Hello Dear Reader

We, well I,  have come to the end of Week Four on the Artist’s Way ~ Recovering a Sense of Integrity.  I was warned that this week I  might be feeling “volatile and changeable”. And that would be different, how exactly? 
Honestly, I felt OK during the week. I did my pages each day, I managed to cut my reading back by I’d say 90%, I got a lot of shiz done and yet…
Certainly cranky by the weekend. Too much to do? Not enough rest? Perhaps. 
Or perhaps I am changing somewhat. I feel myself drawn to those folks in my life who are creative, or are, like me, working on freeing their creativity. Getting re-acquainted with it.
The book says “It is important to know that no matter what form your growth takes, there is another kind of change, slower and more subtle, accumulating daily whether you sense its presence or not.” Cameron goes on to mention things like having more vivid dreams – both the nighttime and daytime variety. That has certainly been true for me. I have more creative thoughts come to me at night and during the day. I’ve been trying to keep track of them all, but there are so many sometimes it can be difficult to remember them all. 
The frustrating thing for me is that I have not acted on any of these ideas or inspirations I come across. It is all I can do to remember them and jot them down. I almost feel more pressure having had the ideas – now there is clay to work with and I am still not creating! 
As I am writing this convoluted, wandering post I stop to read through the chapter for week 4 and came across this as well, “You are no longer stuck, but you cannot tell where you are going. You may feel that this can’t keep up.” 
I guess I am where I am supposed to be at this point. I do feel frustrated. I feel creative, yet  blocked still, I feel optimistic,  yet heavy, I feel blah. And cranky. And snarky
I am looking forward to this week, week 5: Recovering a Sense of Possibility. 
I pledge to keep on keepin‘ on. Let’s see what happens! 
Write on, 

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