‘Tis Written in the Stars

Hello Dear Reader,

I am fortunate that today is a short day on the day job due to the upcoming winter break. Normally I would be in a meeting at this time of day and today I am free!!!! So, I am taking advantage of this opportunity to sit at my desk and add a little something before I go run errands and then pick up the kids and get dinner and settled at home before running off to another meeting and then out for a drink with a girlfriend to celebrate our December birthdays.

I picked up one of our local weekly newspapers this morning, turning – as i always do – to my “horror-scope” first. I don’t know that I believe in astrology 100%, and horoscopes are only as good as the person writing them, but I took solace in this one nonetheless. It reads:

I hope you will get more sleep in 2010. And eat better food, too. And embark on
some regimen like meditation that will reduce your stress levels. In general,
Sagittarius, I hope you will learn a lot more about what makes your body
function at optimum levels, and I hope you will diligently apply what you learn.
That doesn’t mean I think you should be an obsequiously well-behaved pillar of
the community. On the contrary, what I’m envisioning is that by taking better
care of yourself you will make yourself strong enough to run wilder and freer.

Honestly, I can’t think of much more that I would wish for myself for 2010 than all that. At least as far as my creative journey is concerned.

I have been off caffeine for several weeks now, and do feel a difference. The last three days have been essentially coffee free as well (though I do plan to leave here and go write in a cafe, and perhaps have a decaf latte…) But I can say I am not the slave to caffeinated coffee I was a month ago. I am pretty sleepy, but wake up a little better in the morning. This morning I got up at 5:30 to get on the bike and get a workout in before work. That felt good. I will likely pass out at 9:00 again tonight though.

I am looking to running wilder and freer in 2010 – what are you looking forward to?

Write on,


(check out your horoscope for the week at realastrology.com)


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