The Purpose Driven Blog

Dear Reader,
I have been thinking about this whole blog thing, idea, as i troll around the Internet (just as i warned myself not to…you may notice this is a bad habit of mine). It seems like a good idea to share with you the purpose of my blog, it’s raison d’etre, so to speak. Since you, Dear Reader, are largely (entirely?) a figment of my imagination i guess this is essentially an exercise in explaining it to myself. Putting it down in writing so when i forget why i am here and what i hope to be doing i can scroll back through these posts to figure it out.

i mentioned the birthday – that i was starting the blog on my birthday. i also have begun “working” the artist’s way. the book by Julia Cameron…you are likely familiar with it. i recently read her autobiography – which, frankly, i would not recommend doing right before you commit to following the 12 week program outlined in her best-selling book The Artist’s Way. This is because she is nuts. I learned way too much about her struggles with um, well…sanity – there is really no other way to put it. It kinda puts a funky spin on the knowledge she drops in her book.

And yet, fully warned, I am jumping in. So the point of this blog is to give me another push to write regularly. Part of the artist’s way is to write every day. Cameron calls these the Morning Pages. I have been writing regularly each day (mostly mornings) since November 20th and want to maintain the momentum. For some reason I thought adding a blog about my travels on the Artist’s Way was a good idea. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

I believe Cameron has each week begin on a Monday, so technically my first week is a 10 dayer since I began on my birthday which was Wednesday and I won’t start on week 2 until the 21st. Being gentle with myself as we get this creative ball rolling. Giving myself some writerly wiggle room.

So there you have it, Dear Reader: The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my 12 week journey through the Artist’s Way course as it is laid out in Julia Cameron’s book.

And I will throw in some other things as well, such as lists of things I covet, am thankful for, have learned, wish i didn’t know, maybe a poem here and there, and likely more information about me, my life and my thought processes than you ever wanted to know.

Write On,


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