Don’t even go there

Dear Reader,

I think it really is best to not spend time crawling around the blogosphere…it’s really a buzzkill for a new blogger. Just in case you were thinking of starting a new blog to encourage your writer self and thought it a good idea to see what else is out there – you know, for inspiration – well, don’t. Nope. Stop. Not a good idea.

There’s a lot of good shiz out there and if you are at all unsure or faint of heart like me it could be easy to get scared off. So don’t even go there.

I stayed up late (for me) last night to watch the finale of Top Chef. I really wanted Keven to win. (This does have something to do with the start of this post, really, hang in there with me…) Not the Voltaggio Brothers and especially not Michael, the cocky one , the ” I cook the food Kevin cooks I on my day off” one.

But of course he did.

There was a lesson there though. Kevin had a little bit of an “I’m not worthy” complex going about the V. Brothers. Kevin totally knew his stuff, he’s a great chef, and when he felt confident he would do really well and win quickfire challenges and all that. But when he began to compare his simple southern self to those chemistry cookin‘ guys he would start to crumble, just a little bit, thinkin‘ he didn’t deserve to be there with them. That he was just a little less than they were, or was missing some credential or skill.

And you know what? The cocky guy won.

The lesson? Maybe I just need to be a little more cocky.

And stop reading other really fantabulous blogs until I get my blog legs underneath me.

Write on,


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